When purchasing our first home, a jacuzzi tub seemed like an essential relaxation tool that I needed and would, of course, use all of the time. Now that I actually have one, I have come to realize that the majority of the time, it just takes up space! In our first small master bathroom, there was no place to sit when trying to paint my nails or when one of the kids would come in to talk as I got ready. I decide to create an easy DIY bathtub cover, which is perfect for small master bathroom ideas and projects! This tub cover can go over the tub to provide seating & storage, but is also easily removeable when it was time to take a relaxing bath.

This was a simple solution to increase my bathroom seating but also to increase my bathroom storage! I now have a place to put extra towels, washcloths, soaps, and bathroom decor!

Small Master Bathroom Ideas – DIY Bathtub Cover

Here are simple instructions on how to make your beautiful bathtub cover! Let’s get to it!

Supplies For Your DIY Bathtub Cover:

DIY Bathtub Seating

Step 1: Bathtub Seating Measurements

The first step is to take measurements of the bathtub space you want to cover. Cut your plywood to the appropriate size. This will also let you know how much fabric you need to cover one side of the board. *TIP: Make sure you take into consideration the thickness of the foam padding for your final measurements. You need enough batting and fabric to wrap around at least 4-5 inches on all edges of the other side to fasten it to the board.

Step 2: Wrap The Board

To save cost on fabric, I would suggest covering the bottom of the board with a inexpensive shower liner. This will keep that side water proof and it doesn’t show, so it isn’t necessary to cover in fabric.

First lie down the batten and place the board over it. Measure and cut the appropriate amount and staple it around the edges. Place the staples about every 10 inches.

Next, wrap the board with the shower liner and secure it at the edges. Wrap the entire board to protect it and make it waterproof. Securing the liner over the batting will also help protect it – just in case! Try to position the liner so the edges get secured on the edges of the board. This will ensure a smooth finish on the underside.

Step 3: Attach The Fabric

After attaching the foam and the liner, you will next place the fabric under the board and fold it over to cover the foam padding. For a cleaner look, slightly fold the edges of the fabric under and then staple it. This will give you a nice edge.

Update: Wrap the batting before wrapping the lining

The Final Look

Here is the completed look of our new bathroom seating before we brought it upstairs! This was an easy, inexpensive project that really helped us use the small master bathroom space to it’s full potential!

This tub cover stayed with us for our move to the new house because I used it so much in my other bathroom. This is a great small bathroom idea that will help with a place to sit and a place to store extra items. I hope you these instructions are helpful to give you your newest bathroom addition!

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