A modern black front door is a great way to give your entryway a dramatic new look! This easy DIY project is perfect because it’s easy to do and affordable! A painted front door can give your home a custom element that will enhance the entryway and add visual appeal. The original front door in the new house was a builder grade classic white front door and it seemed very boring in the space. I needed a new fresh look and to accomplish this, I decided to make a bold statement using black paint.

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The front door when we first moved into the house

After researching the best black door paint colors, I realized that you shouldn’t stress about the perfect shade of black. Unless its a drastic difference, it is hard to notice with changes in natural light, shadows, and decorations. I used Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black which is on the list of Studio McGee’s ‘Best Black Front Door Paint Colors’. I painted the entire front door (inside and out) using a paint sample in a satin finish from Home Depot for only $4.98!

How to Create Your Modern Black Front Door Look

The easiest way to paint the front door is to use a basic primer first. DO NOT make the mistake of attempting to paint the door without doing this step first. I tried a small area without it and the paint peeled right off. I used KILZ primer and let it dry for several hours before applying the black paint coat.

When you are ready for the first coat of black paint, paint around each rectangle and square section first using a brush. Then paint along all the flat surfaces with a roller to ensure a smooth finish. Once the first coat is fully dry, apply the second coat as needed.

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A modern black front door is the focal point of the entryway

They were right! A little bit of paint can go a long way! This simple and inexpensive front door makeover made such a dramatic difference to our foyer area!

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