If you are searching for variety in home décor and want something different than your house plant or stems, “How to Make a Moss Bowl” is the solution. This great alternative can give you a fresh high end look in any space you need to decorate. When searching decorative ideas for my coffee table I came across moss bowls and the price ranged from $100-$300! I needed a smaller version so I created it myself, and I’ll share with you how I made my own Moss Bowl, using a dough bowl.


  • Moss: You can find faux moss at most crafts stores. I decided to get forest moss because it provided more variety in the color tones. One large bag was more than enough.
  • Dough Bowl or Round Bowl:  A lot of stores have dough bowls and you can usually find it for a great price
  • Green Foam Blocks or Foam Balls: I used 3-4 for this smaller bowl
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife
Materials for the Moss Bowl

How to Start Your Moss Bowl

First, take your foam bricks or balls to the cutting board and start cutting them into sizes with varying lengths and heights. Do this one by one, adding it to the bowl as you go so you can visualize the layers you are creating. I varied the height of each section but you could also make a more uniformed straight across look. The foam balls are also useful to add some peaks and valleys to the design. If the pieces are shifting you can glue them together, but it’s not necessary in a smaller bowl.

Start shaping the foam blocks and placing them in the bowl

Once you have all the foam pieces in place, start to glue your moss on top of the foam section by section. Make sure you cover all the foam. You can double up on thickness and height to increase the variety as well.

After all the moss is in place, take your scissors to start cutting any pieces that are sticking out to far. You should also cut along the edge of the bowl for a more tailored look. Shape the moss until you are happy with the final product!

The Final Product

How To Make a Moss Bowl

This quick DIY Moss Bowl Project is an easy way to add a decorative piece to any table or fireplace mantel. I love seeing it on my table because it’s something different and adds bright beautiful color to the room. It looks high end but is possible for under $25!

Learn how to update your fireplace brick and then add your moss bowl to finish the look!