Believe it or not, a pre-made moss bowl can set you back $100-$300! But what if you could create your own high-end masterpiece for a fraction of the price?

That’s exactly what I did! While browsing for coffee table inspiration, I stumbled upon moss bowls and fell in love with the concept, but not the price tag. So, I decided to get crafty and create my very own moss bowl – and guess what? It turned out amazing!

In this guide, I’ll share all the secrets to crafting your own DIY moss bowl, using a simple dough bowl as the base. Get ready to transform your space with a touch of natural luxury, all without breaking the bank!


  • Moss: You can find faux moss at most crafts stores. I decided to get forest moss because it provided more variety in the color tones. One large bag was plenty. Here is an example at Joann’s.
  • Dough Bowl or Round Bowl:  A lot of stores have dough bowls and you can usually find it for a great price. Here is an example of one from Walmart for $15
  • Green Foam Blocks or Foam Balls: I used 3-4 for this smaller bowl
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife

How to Start Your Moss Bowl

Building the Base

Now comes the fun part – sculpting the base for your moss masterpiece! Here, we’ll use floral foam to create a foundation with varied heights and textures, mimicking a natural landscape within your bowl.

Shaping the Terrain:

  1. Foam Transformation: Grab your floral foam bricks or balls and your cutting board. Using a sharp knife, begin sectioning the foam into pieces of different sizes and heights. The goal is to create a natural, uneven terrain within the bowl.
  2. Visualization is Key: Cut the foam pieces one at a time, adding them directly to your bowl as you go. This allows you to visualize the overall form and adjust the size or placement of each piece for a balanced and visually appealing composition.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different shapes and sizes! While a more uniformed, level base has its own charm, the beauty of moss bowls lies in their organic, natural aesthetic. Varying the height of each foam section creates a more dynamic landscape and allows for different levels of moss coverage.

  1. Peak Performance: Don’t forget about the power of the floral foam balls! These come in handy for adding subtle peaks and dips to your base, further enhancing the natural feel of the moss landscape. Use them strategically to create a sense of depth and dimension within the bowl.
  2. Building Stability (Optional): If you find the foam pieces shifting or becoming unstable, particularly in larger bowls, you can utilize a small amount of floral glue to secure them together. However, this step is usually unnecessary for smaller moss bowls.

Transforming Your Base into a Lush Landscape

With your foam base complete, it’s time to add the moss!

  1. Starting the Moss: Begin by carefully removing sections of moss from your chosen variety. Start by gluing the moss onto the foam base, working section by section. Ensure you completely cover the foam, pressing the moss gently to secure it in place.
  2. Layered Luxury: Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering! Adding multiple pieces of moss on top of each other creates a sense of lushness and variety in terms of texture and height. This layering technique is particularly effective on areas of the base where you want to create a more prominent, elevated section.
  3. Precision Trimming: Once all the moss is secured, grab your scissors and do some precision trimming. Carefully snip away any moss pieces that protrude excessively from your desired design. This helps maintain a clean and polished look for your finished moss bowl.
  4. Creating a Finished Edge: For a more polished and tailored look, use the scissors to trim the moss along the rim of the bowl. This creates a crisp edge and ensures a cohesive design between the moss and the container.

The Final Touches

With the moss meticulously placed and trimmed, feel free to make any minor adjustments to achieve the perfect balance and visual appeal. Remember, there’s no single “right” way to create a moss bowl – let your creativity flow and personalize it to your taste!

Once you have all the foam pieces in place, start to glue your moss on top of the foam section by section. Make sure you cover all the foam. You can double up on thickness and height to increase the variety as well.

After all the moss is in place, take your scissors to start cutting any pieces that are sticking out to far. You should also cut along the edge of the bowl for a more tailored look. Shape the moss until you are happy with the final product!

The Final Product

moss bowl diy
Moss Bowl

This quick DIY Moss Bowl Project is an easy way to add a decorative piece to any table or fireplace mantel. I love seeing it on my table because it’s something different and adds bright beautiful color to the room. It looks high end but is possible for under $25!

Learn how to update your fireplace brick and then add your moss bowl to finish the look!

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