Repose Gray is one of the best grays you can choose for your home! It is a true soft gray with varying undertones depending on your space and lighting. We chose to use Repose Gray in our front north facing rooms (the foyer, living room, and dining room). Then we decided we loved it so much that we carried into a few other west facing rooms.


This gray color gave us the neutral look with warmer undertones that we were looking for in each space. The undertones that can come into play in a northern facing room can be purple and brown. The light in our front rooms varies drastically during the day, but we have never noticed these tones in any of our rooms, just a beautiful gray. This color can also be considered a borderline greige (Gray Beige) because of the brown undertones. A few of the rooms in our home carry right into rooms with Agreeable Gray. If we look at the direct side by side comparison, Repose Gray shows as more of a true gray, compared to a true greige – Agreeable Gray.

To see how Repose Gray would look in your space and to view more details visit You will be able to find more details about this great color such as color pairings, similar colors, and color collections.

Color Swatch

For more details on how we created these other great spaces using Repose Gray; click below

Front Door Makeover

DIY Banister Update

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