These bathroom update ideas are easy and a great way to get you closer to your dream bathroom! By simply changing the lighting, faucets, hardware, and paint color, you can make a big difference in the bathroom to give you the look you’ve been waiting for!

Follow the tips below on how to get started.

Bathroom Update Ideas #1: Pick your paint colors

A fresh coat of pain can do wonders in the overall appearance of your bathroom. I love lighter colors and whites in bathrooms for a clean, spa like atmosphere. Try to pair this color with the tone of the countertop (if they are staying) and with the cabinet color (or new color if you are painting the vanity). If the countertop has cooler tones to it, that will guide you in the type of neutral or color tone you pick. Our granite countertops have a lot of mixed brown, warm whites, and blacks, so I am going to chose a warm white for the walls. This will add to the overall appearance of the bathroom, because everything will resemble the same tones (cool or warm).

Bathroom Update Ideas #2: Decide on Your Metals

One of the most important decisions you’ll make for your bathroom update is going to be deciding on which metals you want to use throughout the bathroom. For our update, the garden tub and shower door were a newer chrome finish. I liked the elegance that the chrome brought to the bathroom, so I decided to stick with that for first choice and then add black as the second metal choice. Mixing metals is a popular idea right now, but I would decide on just two for a more cohesive look in the bathroom.

Bathroom Update Idea #3: New Light Fixtures & Faucets

Once you’ve decided on the colors of your paint and hardware, the next step is to modernize the light fixtures & faucets. I chose to go along with the chrome hardware that we had on the bathtub, shower, etc, rather than trying to replace everything. Both of the light fixture and faucet updates were under $100! These installs are not a lot of work for such a big difference in the updated feel of the bathroom!

For additional information on other great light fixtures we chose for our home here!

Bathroom Update Idea #4 Paint The Cabinets

Another drastic change you can make in your bathroom is giving the cabinets a brand new look. In our house, the same cherry cabinets were in all the bathrooms, the laundry room, and the kitchen space in the house. I needed something different! After looking for inspiration, I came across a beautiful gray blue paint color that was suggested by Lauren at Bless’er House. I chose Sherwin Williams Slate Tile and it was perfect! I was nervous to paint the cabinets and couldn’t tell if the time investment would be worth the change, but it definitely was! The change in color gives the bathroom a new look and change in style that was much needed! The pictures below are the before and after of the cabinet color change.

The original cherry cabinets
Master Bathroom Makeover – Phase 1 Complete!

Bathroom Update Tip #5: Switch the Vanity Hardware

The next update you can make is to change the cabinet hardware. I went with a black vintage handle from Lowes that will be tied in with the mirror frames and accent pieces. The contrast against the slate cabinets gave the room visual interest and complimented the granite countertops. This simple step will help complete your master bath makeover!

Bathroom Update Tip #6: Beautiful Accessories

A few beautiful accessories on the countertop can also add a lot to the overall look of the bathroom for a low cost. On the counter I placed this tray from HomeGoods, a 3-wick candle, a small plant, and a decorative bottle with bubble bath soap. I also found a great 3×4 Slate/Ivory rug from Target that was a close match to the inspiration picture, love it!

Master Bath Makeover – Phase 1 Complete

These few changes will give your bathroom a beautiful, fun, updated feel that will get you closer to your dream bathroom! They are all affordable changes and easy to do as a DIY beginner in a new home or for a bathroom just in desperate need of an update after years in a home.

The plan for the next phase is a mirror update, a bathtub surround, and wall molding.

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