The warmer weather is finally coming, I am excited to add a few new items to our outdoor patio space! These 5 great small patio decorating ideas will help give your space a fresh new look that is fun and inviting, all summer long!

Small Patio Decorating Idea #1: String Lights

My favorite feature of a warm night on the patio are string lights! A lot of stores have a great variety including Edison bulbs, willow tree lights, curtain lights, lanterns, and globe bulbs. Check stores like Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Big Lots for great deals on lights under $20. When we hung our globe lights, we used command hooks and it made the process really easy! String lights are so inexpensive and they really add a magical essence to your outdoor patio.

Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas #1 String Lights

Decor Ideas #2: Tabletop Fire Pit

There is nothing like gathering around a fire pit, visiting with family and friends. If you have limited room for a fire pit, a great alternative is a tabletop fire pit. You can locate them on many sites such as Wayfair, Amazon, Target, or Home Depot, starting around $30! A tabletop fire pit can create a relaxing mood for your outdoor patio or a fun experience when doing smores with the kids!

Small Patio Decorating Ideas #2: Tabletop FIre PIt – This one is found at

Patio Decor Idea #3: Melamine Dinnerware

The last thing anyone needs on a patio, is broken glass. I always have plastic dinnerware ready to go when we eat on the patio as a family or when guests are over. There are so many great sets out there with different colors, styles, and patterns. It can be fun to mix up the dishes for the new season, for as low as $10 a set.

Decor Ideas #4: Planters

I found a great place to get large outdoor planters for the perfect price, Lowes! They have so many different styles and sizes that you could find a great price for any size. I recommend 1-3 larger planters depending on your patio size. This helps give your patio a more finished look without a million small planters all over (unless you are a total plant lover). If you already have your larger planters set, it’s always fun to add a standing planter or new tabletop planter to mix it up for the new season.

Patio Decorating Idea – Large Planters (Lowes 16 Inch Resin Planter – $19.99 )

Patio Decorating Idea #5: Outdoor Mat

An outdoor patio mat or rug is a great way to pull your gathering space together. I chose an outdoor mat, because it’s quick drying and less expensive! I found a 6×9 Indoor/Outdoor Patio Mat at Bed Bath & Beyond for $23.99 after the coupon! You could even switch up your look throughout the warm weather season with a price this great! Mat/Rug Tip: If you are using a mat or rug under a patio table, make sure the size is large enough to accommodate your patio chairs being pulled out. A table for 4 should be 5×7, a table for 6 should be at least 6×9, and a table for 8 at least 8×11.

I hope you are excited as I am for warm weather and making memories using all these great patio decorating ideas! Enjoy your newly refreshed outdoor space!

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