One of the first projects you should do in your home is update the light fixtures! This update can make a huge impact in any space without a huge cost! We first started changing the hallway ceiling lights in our home and these were some of our top picks. Whether you have builder grade lights to start with or older lights that you are ready to change, the hallway lights on the market now are just beautiful! Check out our top picks below, all for under $100!

Hallway Light Fixtures

I’m not sure why the basic glass dome light was the go to for all new homes, but if you are as tired of them as I am, I have found several other lighting options for our hallways that I love. There are so many great options and styles, and they are all very affordable! The first light shown below belongs to the same collection that we used for all of our kitchen lighting. Lighting collections are a great way to have a consistent look through the home if you are struggling to pick out multiple light fixtures.

New Light Fixtures

These are the light fixtures we chose for our home and they make such a difference! Several stores have lighting collections which gives you an easy option for finding multiple lights that look great together. We chose three pieces for our kitchen from a Home Depot Collection by Hampton Bay. I love the consistency the look provides while adding a variety in the design!

These are the lighting options we used for our den and for our bathroom updates. I have been happy with them all.

Easy and Inexpensive Lighting Projects

Lighting Update Tip #1: If your glass domes or pendants have a tone or color on them, then you might be able to update them simply by using paint remover! The first photo shows the glass shades on our foyer chandelier. We decided we didn’t want the brown paint look anymore, so we got out the paint remover! Try a small sample area first to see if removing the tone on the glass shade will work. You should immediately see the color coming off and the white frosted glass underneath. This project is simple and can really change the look of the glass pendants or shades for a simple inexpensive update.

Light Update Tip #2: The glass shade in our small foyer area had a gold & brown speckled glaze and we needed an easy change. The base of the light was still in nice shape so we decided to keep it and look for a new glass dome. I found this one at Menards for $8! It was the drum shape I wanted and we could use the fastener from the black base to make it work! Easy lighting updates for minimal cost!

Need More Ideas for Easy Home Projects?

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