Need another great idea for your wall space, when you’ve already used artwork or objects for decorations? A staircase gallery wall is an easy project that can provide the variety to your wall space decorations! It gives the space visual interest, clean lines, and a beautiful way to display family photos or artwork.

How to Find Your Frame Set for Your Staircase Gallery Wall

There are many gallery frame sets on the market right now. They are available at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, HomeGoods and many others. I chose this one because it provided the number of frames I was looking for, white mats, and a variety of sizes. When it is on sale, you can get it for less than $25! Once I knew the frame sizes, I sent in my pictures to the local photoshop and my black and white prints ready to go!

To set up my gallery, I first made a tape line that would represent the wall molding that would be going into place at a later date. Next, I lined up the tape close to railing height and tried to follow the angle of the opposite railing to create a symmetrical look. A rule of thumb for wainscoting height is 1/3 of the wall height or roughly 36 inches. I decided to go with 37 inches because I wanted it to match the railing height for symmetry.

Next, I laid out all my frames on pieces of paper and made mock paper frames that I could move around to find the best layout. After several trials of different sizes in different places (with extras from my little helpers), I found the lay out that worked best. I then placed the frames at a downward angle to follow the tape trend line. It is also a good idea to use a ruler to measure the spaces in between each frame. You want to make sure all the frames are roughly an equal distance in height space. I used approximately 4 inches between frames. The distance between the the sides of the frames will vary because of the different frame sizes and layout. Try to keep this measurement consistent where you can as well.

The tape line with give you a great reference point for the right angle and placement of your frames

The frames I chose had small hanging brackets on the back. I used a small finishing nail to put these in place and have them lie as flat against the wall as possible. Mom Tip: If you have little ones that love to touch the walls near the stairs, I would recommend removing the glass from these frames. That way if someone bumps or touches one of these frames, you won’t have broken glass all over.

The Completed Project

The completed stairway gallery wall – perfect for family photos!
The gallery wall is a beautiful way to display family photos or artwork!

Hope this helps give you ideas for an easy project!

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