Deciding on a neutral color palette is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. This is a list of some of the most popular paint colors right now and how I paired them together in our new home!

The Perfect Neutral Color Palette

Picking Your Neutral Color Palette:

Meet Repose Gray

Before moving into our home, we decided to have all the main rooms painted. We needed to decide on the color palette for entire downstairs. After a lot of research, I knew that Sherwin Williams – Repose Gray was the perfect choice for our main color. This is a beautiful gray that borders belonging to the greige family, with brown and purple undertones. We used it in our northern facing rooms and the color always appears a beautiful neutral gray in our home. To learn more about this gorgeous gray, check out our Repose Gray Color Review.

SW Repose Gray

Meet Alabaster White

Initially I was going to use Repose Gray everywhere, but after speaking to the painter, I changed my mind! Our cabinets were being painted SW Alabaster White, which is a warm white (not yet into the off-white family). We chose this color because of the warm taupe hues in our backsplash and the creamier tone of the granite countertops. All of the kitchen tones had a warmer element, so I needed to pick a warmer gray color paint for the walls. We decided on SW Agreeable Gray, which really ties everything together and allows the Alabaster White cabinets to show off their true white appearance.

When deciding your color choice for you kitchen walls, focus on the tones in the room, such as the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. This will help you trend towards either a warmer tone or a cooler tone, so all the elements work well together.

Alabaster White

Meet Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray was such a great choice for our kitchen, we decided to extend it into our living room area as well. This created several areas where a Repose Gray wall (foyer staircase coming into the kitchen) and Agreeable Gray (kitchen walls) met right against each other. In my experience, these colors flow seamlessly with each other. Due to the varying lighting in our home throughout the day, I never notice that these two colors are different in a side by side comparison. I would have to really stop and look at the walls to notice. When looking at each room separately I can definitely tell there are two different main colors in our home. They are similar shades and lightness, so they flow very well from room to room.

Grey Modern Farmhouse Living Room
Agreeable Gray

A Space for Every Color

Here is a list of all the neutral paint colors we chose and which rooms we used each one in, so you can see how each color looks in our home:

Agreeable Gray: Kitchen, Family Room, Small Foyer

Anew Gray: Basement Stairs/Landing

Repose Gray: Foyer, Living Room/Dining Room

Silver Strand: Office, Master Bedroom

Alabaster White: Kitchen Cabinets

North Star: Powder Room (coming soon)