This easy DIY staircase makeover will give your staircase an updated modern look for an affordable price! By focusing on the banister and spindles, we completed the look using contrasting colors, a warm black and a bright white. This final look complimented the rest of the house and contributed to the fresh new look we wanted for the foyer. Follow these simple steps to give your home the easy and affordable update it needs!


  • Paint Brush
  • Sandpaper (medium/fine grit)
  • Painters Tape
  • Basic Primer Paint
  • 1 Quart Hi-Gloss Enamel Pure White Paint
  • 1 Quart Sherwin Williams Black Bean

How to Start Your Staircase Makeover:

First, clean the railing using a rag, dish soap, and water. I also recommend sanding down spots that are uneven or have too many layers of coating built up. Don’t worry about sanding everything, because you are going to use the primer which will help as a base coat.

Next, tape and cover any flooring/carpeted areas. Apply a primer to all the rods and railing to give it a good base coat to make sure the paint sticks.

Start the staircase makeover by using a basic primer on the rods

After all the rods are primed, use a hi-gloss white paint on each of the rails. I use a hi-gloss pure white because it should match the trim in the house. This job is very tedious, but the end result is so worth it. I did two coats of white paint to get the look I desired.

Banister prepped and sanded for painting

Once dry, tape the top of each of the rods to protect it from the dark railing color. Paint the railing using Sherwin Williams Black Bean. This step will require two coats. Paint as close as you can do the railings, but do not worry if you don’t paint right up to them. Black Bean is a really rich dark “brown” black. I love the warmer tone it gives as opposed to just a black paint color.

Finishing The Banister

Finally, I would recommend a polyurethane clear gloss coating on areas of high traffic. The railing into my kitchen gets a lot of use by the kids and some spots have required touching up. That final coating will help the paint job last longer so you don’t have to worry and can enjoy the perfect look of your new gorgeous banister!

Staircase Makeover
Staircase Makeover using SW Black Bean
Beautiful new banister for an updated look in your home
Staircase Makeover - Banister Update
Staircase Makeover – Banister Update
The banister remodel made a huge difference in the foyer!

The first part of the stair transformation is complete! The next project will be the wainscoting molding! Coming soon!

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