Hunting for the ideal blue-gray hue can feel like chasing a mythical unicorn. It needs to strike a delicate balance—cool enough for a contemporary touch, yet warm enough to steer clear of a clinical look. It should be able to go along with various design styles but also have its’ own charm. After searching through countless paint options for our bathroom vanities, I stumbled upon Sherwin-Williams – Slate Tile, and it was love at first sight! This cool blue-gray has a timeless elegance and the modern vibe I wanted to update our master bath. Sherwin Williams Slate Tile -7624, exceeded my expectations as a beautiful blue gray, making it the perfect choice for your next project.

The timeless beauty of SW Slate Tile

Sherwin-Williams Slate Tile (SW 7624) – it’s not your average gray paint. This cool-toned shade leans more modern, and depending on the light, you might catch a hint of blue peeking through. It’s what makes it interesting – more depth than a flat gray, yet still neutral enough to work with almost anything.

Here’s why I loved it for my bathroom: the color feels calming and serene, perfect for a relaxing space. But it’s not boring! That hint of blue keeps things fresh and modern. Plus, Slate Tile is surprisingly versatile. Want a sleek, modern look? It works. Craving a more traditional vibe? It can go there too. That’s why it’s a popular choice – it just fits in with so many styles.

Sherwin Williams Slate Tile

Sherwin Williams Slate Tile Bathroom Vanity

When we moved into our house, the master bathroom had two cherry cabinet vanities. The dark appearance of the cabinets made the room feel heavy and dated – it was time for a fresh new look! I wanted something more modern but without a having to do a complete overhaul. SW Slate Tile was the perfect paint for the job. This cool gray shade with subtle blue undertones proved to be the ideal solution. It not only brightened the room in comparison to the cherry wood but also introduced an updated feel we needed. The best part? Painting the vanities myself turned out to be a simple DIY weekend project. To learn more about simple bathroom updates that can make a big difference – check out our bathroom update blog post here.

The bathroom now has a fresh and modern look and the new color matches the rest of the color scheme beautifully. Slate Tile’s is a perfect pick for you next project – a paint color that can brighten your space without the cost of a total remodel.

Master Bathroom DIY Update

Before & After

Incorporating Slate Tile into Your Home

Incorporating Sherwin Williams Slate Tile into your home opens up a world of design possibilities.

  • For vanities and cabinetry, Slate Tile can instantly modernize and refresh outdated wood finishes, providing a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Consider using it on accent walls to create a focal point in living rooms, bedrooms, or even home offices, adding depth and sophistication to the space.
  • Integrate Slate Tile into furniture pieces such as side tables, bookshelves, or even kitchen islands for a cohesive and coordinated aesthetic throughout your home. Pairing Slate Tile with complimentary neutral colors like soft whites, light grays, or warm taupes can enhance its cool tones while creating a harmonious color palette that feels inviting and balanced.

Whether used boldly or subtly, Sherwin Williams Slate Tile lends itself beautifully to various design elements, allowing you to infuse modern elegance into every corner of your living space.

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