The last time I pulled an all-nighter I was 25 and living the dream. High heels, short dresses, loud music, and endless dance parties. Fast forward to 4 years later with a new baby and the phrase “all-nighter” takes on an entire new meaning. This new experience entails wet diapers, warm bottles, loud crying and the only dancing I do is the “side to side rock” to get the baby to sleep.  Sometimes I wish my 25 year old self could take on this new type of all-nighter like the champ she was. Endless weekends of practice seem like it would come in handy at a time like this, but even that dancing queen required her beauty sleep. Oh, those were the days. The days when 10 PM seemed early and I didn’t have a daily morning wake up call at 6 AM (someone can tell the concierge he can have the day off for once).

Since having the baby, my 16 hour day has now turned into a 19 hour day and I have come to realize that I have a lot more time to think. It is during these extra hours that I may just do some of my best thinking. As I am rocking the baby, feeding him, holding him close, my mind wanders into all the possible projects I want to accomplish. Home decorating ideas, new recipes, work outs, items I want to purchase, you name it.  It is a time that allows me to focus on things that I enjoy, a time with my own thoughts.  These extra hours won’t last forever, for he will only be so little for so long. It is this mindset that gets me through this new type of all-nighter. And so, I have come to realize that I would now trade the fast dancing in high heels for a slow dance in my slippers any night of the week.

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